Prepaid Water Meters

Waterwatch supply, rent and manage SABS approved prepaid water meters of the best manufacturers available in South Africa.

The Standard Transfer Specification (STS) technology enables consumers to buy prepaid water at the same retailers or on the internet as is done with prepaid electricity. Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology ensures that consumption and meter data is retrieved on a regular basis for meter management as unattended meters will lead to losses.

Waterwatch has developed cross supplier management solutions that ensure property owners remain in control of water consumption and recover funds from consumers.

Water Meter Monitoring System

Waterwatch supplies a water monitoring system that enables you to manage your water usage

  • •   the Waterwatch control box is connected to your existing water meter provided that it is compatible. Alternatively, a separate meter with control box can be installed just after your existing meter.
  • •   this control box transmits consumption and other data by means of wireless communication on the Sigfox network where it can be viewed on the WaterSmart mobile app or a web portal.
  • •   you will receive notifications of a possible leak on the mobile app or email.
  • •   you can also view meter readings and other information on our web portal.

Notifications on Email


Notification on Cell phone


Mobile App

  1. 1.   Search and download the WaterSmart app on Android playstore or iphone App Store.
  2. 2.   Use Username “waterapp” and password “water” to see an example.
  3. 3.   on a web browser, go to www.waterwatch.co.za/portal and use the same username & password.


R 1560.87 (excl VAT)
  • •   Single meter - Annual administration fee: R823.34 (excl VAT)
  • •   Multiple meters - Monthly administration fee: R68.41 (excl VAT) per meter
  • •   Includes the use off a mobile app and web portal. Price includes installation.
  • •   Available for bulk meters.

Waterwatch Features

Innovation in pre-paid water meter systems

Prepaid Water Meters


The wall mount or external prepaid water meter is installed by a certified plumber under supervision by Waterwatch at the main connection to the house or unit.

Access must be arranged for the Waterwatch representative to install the keypad user interface inside the consumer’s building. The keypad is linked to the meter by the representative.

The prepaid meter is registered on the Waterwatch vending system and is now ready for activation.

After installation, the parties will agree on an activation date when all the meters will be activated.


Buying Water

You can buy water from any shop or vendor that sell prepaid electricity for example, Engen garages, Pick & Pay, Spar etc. Ask for “Prepaid Electricity” or “Prepaid Water” and provide your meter number. Your meter number is normally printed on your keypad but you can also press #0# on the keypad to retrieve it. You will receive a 20-digit token which must be keyed into the keypad.

You can also buy “Unipin” vouchers from vendors or ATM’s. Select “Prepaid Electricity”. Follow the steps on the printout.

You can also register your meter on internet banking. See guidelines below.

Water is sold in kilolitres (kL) at the current tariff structure of your municipality

1 kL = 1000 litres = 1 m³ (cubic meter)

Buying Water with Internet Banking

Select “Payment”
“Purchase Prepaid”,
“Add beneficiary”,
“Beneficiary: “Waterwatch”
“Prepaid service “Electricity”,
“Meter number “3100000_ _ _ _”
Click on search and follow instructions.

Select “Buy”
Name: Waterwatch
Meter no: 310000_ _ _ _
Send voucher to: “Your cellphone number”

Select “Prepaid”
“Prepaid recharge”
“Prepaid electricity”
Type of recharged: “Electricity”
Enter amount “R…..”
Enter meter no: 310000_ _ _ _
Enter pin code received on your cellphone.

Pre-paid water meter options:

Renting or buying a pre-paid water system

Purchase Option

Purchase your prepaid water meters once-off
  • Remote Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) device with Mobile App and Web Portal support
  • Monitoring with water meter in wall box complete
    Monitoring with water meter in tall box complete
    R1 512.25

    R1 741.10
  • Prepaid Water Meter and Remote AMR with Mobile App and Web Portal support
  • Sensus prepaid water meter in oval box,
    Sensus prepaid water meter in tall box,
    Elster Kent prepaid water meter in wall box
    R2 415.00

    R2 616.25

    R3 450.40
  • Customer Interface Unit (CIU keypad)
    (Required in addition for above Prepaid Meters)
  • Manufacturer guarantee of 12 months
  • Monthly Fees
  • Compulsory monthly Prepaid admin, maintenance & daily consumption data fee (incl)
  • Compulsory monthly Monitoring admin, maintenance & hourly consumption data fee (incl)
  • Prices include 15% VAT
  • Waterwatch can also quote on the installation of the meters
Purchase Option

Rental Option

Rent your water meter only monthly basis
  • Rental price per meter per month
    (min. 12 months)
  • Customer interface unit keypad required
  • Prices include 15% VAT
  • Avoid capital expenditure
  • Keep up to date with new meter technologies
  • Compulsory monthly admin, maintenance & daily consumption data fee (incl)
Rental Option

*Service and Admin Fees

Waterwatch only supply meters with a service and administration plan
Web based administration and service support system for owners and consumers
Include meter maintenance cost and labour for solving user problems
Installation, water strainers and first time activation coupons excluded
Owners only pay for the replacement parts after the 12 months guarantee period
Fees increase annually with the national CPI.

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