Water Watch
Water Watch

  • WaterWatch provides a one-stop water cost recovery service to Home Owners, Body Corporates, Estate Managers, Landlords and the General Public.
  • The Waterwatch system protects consumers from unnecessary penalties caused by uncontrolled municipal water consumption or unforseen leakages and pipe bursts. This service is made possible through the utilisation of SABS approved water meter in conjunction with an control valve.
  • The consumer takes its SABS water meter reading to an accredited local convenience store where it is verified and a tax invoice is produced on which payment is made by means of a smart card.
  • Failure to provide a meter reading or payment will result in the closing of a control valve.
  • The control valve does not perform any meter reading.
  • Brass and plastic meters are available, although plastic meters are strongly recommended in South Africa as brass is a sought-after commodity amongst thieves.
Beware of fraudulent tenders and websites claiming to sell our products. Only accept and pay invoices issued by Waterwatch.

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